What is the best time to go to the pubs/cafe?

    - Mostly Pubs / Discotheques are open at 10 PM to 3 AM. The best time to come visit the pubs is on Saturday and Sunday. Mostly ladies night
    clubs are there. The populer pubs and cafe in Manado are Corner Cafe at Bahu Mall and Sqores ( Manado Town Squere ) Make sure you wearing polite dress otherwise the security will not allowed you to enter the pubs.


Pub, Cafe and Karoeke in Manado ( Night Life )


located at Jl Tikala Ares no 17 Kelurahan Tikala Ares. Opening Hours cafe is from 4 PM until DAWN. Live music - 4 PM until 6 PM, Disco Time is between 18.00 - 18.30 Nonstop house music. Live music is from 18.30 - 21.30. Ladies Club also available.

CORNER Cafe ( Recommended )

is located at Complex Bahu Mall 1 -3 floor - Jl. Walter Monginsidi I Manado. Opening Hours Cafe : Monday to Suterday is from 9 PM - 3 AM. Tuesday - Campus party ## Wenesday Ladies Club ## Thursday - Latino Fiesta

Inul VISTA Karoeke ( Recommended )

address is at on the left side of Mega Mall, open hours is in the afternoon until late night. Visitors who love sing a song is welcome for coming here. Price is Rp 165.000 per hour

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