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Coral Eye

Coral Eye is a marine biology center, open to researchers, students and professionals, who use our facilities to carry out their own research projects and programs, but also to volunteers and travellers who wish to learn about coral reefs ecosystem or simply desire an holiday in full relax.


Coral Eye is located on the west side of Bangka Island, north of Manado (North Sulawesi's provincial capital) and it's within the Coral Triangle area, the global epicenter of marine biodiversity.

The Center overlooks a one Km white sandy beach which is divided in two by a small volcanic cape. Few villagers reside nearby the Center. The reef in front of the centre is not deep and slopes gently to a sandy bottom at about sixteen meters. On the right side, behind another volcanic cape, there are spectacular mangroves, which grow from sea to land,disclosing different environments with the tidal flow. Underwater, Bangka offers several spots, from richly colonized volcanic pinnacles, to sandy bottoms and typical walls. One hour by boat, we can visit Lembeh’ s Strait , Tangkoko’ s Natural Reserve or  Bunaken Marine Park.


Accommodation - The Center :

  • The center, designed by UAO studio, was thought of as a dynamic space where worklife and private spaces could merge into one experience. One hundred percent sustainable, the structure has been made with the craftsmanship of local artisans, employing local resources and adopting traditional building techniques, adapted to fit the specific requirements of a modern, state-of-the-art facility.
  • Private spaces – All of the eight rooms are designed to accommodate up to three people, according to personal demands and needs. Three of the rooms, more exclusive than the others, have a large private bathroom; the remaining five also have a private bathroom, but it's located outside the room.



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