• Mandarin Fish
  • Pygme Seahorse
  • Stargizer

Diving in Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi


If you love small and unusual things, this is the best place for muck diving. On a typical dive you will find the pygmy sea horse, hairy frogfish, Mandarin fish, Stargizer, ornate ghostpipefish, emperor shrimp, bumblebee shrimp, Harlequin shrimp, octopus, cockatoo waspfish, boxer crab, a lot of type nudibranches and many other unusual creatures in the lembeh straits. According to the dive guide, in Lembeh strait can be found new species in every 6 month.


Diving Seasons - lembeh strait ,
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The monsoon winds that traditionally blow from early June until early September actually began in April and just died out at the end of September, but not evey year the same ! 3 years ago saw no rain for six months, only dry season. Fortunately, the rain hasn't affected the water clarity; on average, better visibility than usual. Overall the weather has been quite goofy, so when folks send emails asking about predictions it can't depend on any forecast every year. Only the scuba diving is dependably great. But basiclly, diving in lembeh is possible all year round. Every winds come to lembeh have no rough at all cause all winds mostly cover by the island, so it is safe.

Lembeh Strait Diving - Reef Basics

Great for: Small animals, underwater photography and advanced divers
Not so great for: Large animals, wall diving, drift dives and non-diving activities
Depth: 5 - 30m
Visibility: 10 - 25m
Currents: Gentle
Surface Conditions: Calm
Water Temperature: 26 - 29°C
Experience Level: Beginner - advanced
Number of dive sites: >30
Distance: ~45 km east of Manado (1½ hours)
Access: Manado diving and Lembeh resorts and liveaboards
Recommended length of stay: 5 - 10 days


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