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Tomohon Resort, North sulawesi

In this page you will find Resort / hotels in Tomohon, North Sulawesi. The price arrange between USD 30 to USD 70 / room / night.


This is some of the recommendation Hotels in Tomohon

Tomohon Highland Resort

At an altitude of 650 metres above sea level, The Highland Resort's cooling mountain climate will suit those still aclimatising to the tropical heat of Indonesia. Tomohon is the nearest town with small local shops and an interesting traditional market which is well worth a visit early in the morning. All manner of fruit, vegetables, spices and household items are on sale. Keep an eye out for the skinned bats or rats, a local delicacy. Full Details...

Gardenia Country Inn

High in the mountains of North Sulawesi there is a garden.
This wonderful garden has scattered throughout twelve delightful wooden bungalows, two great dinning areas, a massage pavilion, a meditation pavilion, an art shop for memories, ponds full of fish and a view of a near distant extinct volcanoes for you to explore.

Full Details...

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