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    After breakfast at hotel, our tour guide will pick you up and go direclty to Bitung, where Tangkoko Nature Reserve is. After we arrive at Tangkoko, we will explore the nature for half a day. Lunch will be served on lunch box. After that, we will continue the tour by seeing the other animals in the reserve. The smallest monkey, Tarsius will be able to see at dusk, so you have to be patient for that. In the afternoon, we will go back to hotel.


Tarsius / the smallest monkey - Tangkoko


A nature reserve on open grassland covered with a great variety of plants. Located on the slopes of mount "Dua Saudara", the area is composed of impressive green hills and valleys with amazingly scenic views of natural beauty. There are black apes, maleo birds, snakes, wild pigs, hornbills and rusa deer. But mostly people see are only the TARSIUS and Black Apes in the park. Tangkoko is located north of Bitung, it covers on area of 3,196 ha. This nature reserve has several cottages and small restaurants nearby. From Manado it takes arround 2 hours and 30 minutes to this place. In the past, the road was so rough you would need a 4WD jeep. But now, newly laid roads allow easy accessibility by passenger cars and vans. You are welcome to visit this area with Non 4WD jeep. But for entrance Tangkoko Nature Reserve you will need a small cars, like Xenia or Avansa ( Indonesian Car ), with using these cars, it will be more comfortable and easier for visition small roads in Tangkoko park.

Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Entering by car

Welcome to Tangkoko

Entering Tangkoko



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Take a picture

Home of Tarsius

Tarsius Tangkoko
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