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    Minahasa in etymology comes from the word Mina and Esa. Mina means 'to become' and Esa means 'one'. The word of Minahasa also comes from each-tribe nation confederation and the existing sculptures become the evidence of the old ethnics system. In this tour you will see many interesting places. For example, the Minahasan jungle market where you can find a variety of traditional food and dairy needs. The Kabasaran Dance which is the most popular war dance in the Minahasan region. This dance is to remember the Minahasan heroes of the past. The making of traditional houses in Woloan village. This traditional house is very famous in foreign countries. This house has a knock-down system and has been ordered and exported to buyers outside Indonesia. This house is also earthquake-resistant. You can taste the traditional food or snack of Minahasan which cannot be found in many cities of Indonesia.


Minahasa Highland Tour ( Sample Tour )

Rurukan Tourism A day of breathtaking scenery heading through the hilltop town of Tomohon, known locally as the “city of flowers” sits in a saddle between two volcanoes Mt. Lokon and Mt. Mahawu. Our first visit is to the local market to see traditional Minahasa wooden house building in Woloan Village, strolling around sulphurous lake Linow near Lahendong village, visit Pulutan village the center of local pottery making then our trip continues to lake Tondano where a delicious lunch will be served at a local restaurant. After lunch we drive through Tondano Town and admire the view of terraced vegetables garden around Rurukan village then drive back to Manado. This is a sample tour only. If you so desire to visit and explore Indonesia's other spectacular tourist hotspots like Bali which is popular among local and foreign tourists alike for its beautiful beaches, there are Flights to Bali which are readily available on a daily basis in the airport in Manado. Indonesia has so much to offer tourists and first time visitors to this beautiful archipelago in Southeast Asia, the key here is knowing where and when is the best time to visit.


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Local Kitchen Tools

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