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Women Travelling in Manado - North Sulawesi

Manado is generally perfectly safe for women travelers, even for those who are traveling alone. Common sense prevails of course, and young travelers should be cautious about lingering in isolated and lonely places at night. As a solo women travelers, if you plan to go to the Pub or Cafe in Manado city after 9 PM, you should take a taxi. While traveling in some parts of North Sulawesi, although you are unlikely to be at physical risk, you could be exposed to 'teasing' by young local men. If you want to avoid it then pay attention to the local norms of dressing and behavior. Women are expected to dress modestly, covering their legs and shoulders. Most the local people in Manado may not approve of women wearing shorts and short skirts. Dressing decently and staying well groomed will improve the impression you make on local people. It will help reduce sexual harassment as well :). In general you will find that there is respect and great concern for your safety and welfare. People even go out of their way to assist you. Other info for women travelers too, that in Manado Supermarkets / Pharmacies, it is very difficult to find tampons ( carefree etc). You should consider bringing extra from your country.


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