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Nimanga River is a medium challenge river


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Manado North Sulawesi
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Welcome to Manado

Manado is the provincial capital of North Sulawesi – INDONESIA. Inland from Manado, a trip through the Minahasa Highlands will take you to intriguing prehistoric above-ground burial sites, volcanoes, hot springs, the highland lake Tondano and breathtaking panoramas of lush mountains, coffee and coconut plantations, orchid gardens and terraced hillsides. When you are in Manado be sure to visit the Dua Saudara Nature Reserve – Tangkoko, home to birds and other wildlife unique to Sulawesi, such as the Tarsier – the smallest monkey, Cus Cus, Hornbill etc. In this website you will find all the useful information about Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Manado is Diving!

If you imagine of clear water up to 30 meters visibility, Warm water up to 29 Degrees, small strange creatures, big fishes, great walls coral and reef diving, Underwater Volcanoes, then Manado is the place for you !  The Bunaken Sea Garden is very well known around the world as one of the most beautiful sea gardens in the world also its popular with Wall Diving. Bangka and Gangga is a perfect places for a visit for honeymoon at the white sandy beach. Lembeh Strait offer its unique diving for small creatures like pygmy seahorse, octopus, pipefish, Nudibrances, Cuttle fish, frogfish and still a lot of more you can imagine.. All divers dreams are available here. That is a present from mother nature.


Timbukar Rafting

Nimanga River, which is located in the village of Timbukar, District Sonder, Minahasa regency of North Sulawesi (Sulawesi)

Mt Mahawu

Mahawu Mountain is a volcano that settled near to other famous mountains, which is Lokon and Empung.

Linow Lake

One of the leading tourist destinations of this area is Lake Linow, a beautiful lake which showing the beauty of 3 colors lake

Tinoor Waterfall

One of the most beautiful and rarely visited waterfall. The unforgettable place with four waterfalls surrounded by forest

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Extreme Market

The Tomohon Market in the mountains of North Sulawesi, is a traditional market known for selling entirely different types of meat

Chinese Temple

The beautifully designed Ban Hin Kiong Temple is 335 years old and is the oldest Chinese temple

Tangkoko Park

A popular trip from North Sulawesi is to the Tangkoko National Park, home of the world’s smallest primate, the tarsier.

Lihaga island

Lihaga Island in Manado is One of the most beautiful Island in North Sulawesi. Beautiful white sandy beach with blue water

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What the Customers are Saying

“3 hari 4 malam di kota Sulawesi Utara sungguh menyenangkan. Kami sangat menikmati Pulau Bunaken dan Lihaga serta Rafting di Timbukar” Rudianto, Surabaya

“Great Tour with AVM Tours, We did enjoy the Rafting Tour, Tangkoko tour and the local Extreme Market :)” Richard, Australia